5 Reasons to Visit Shimla

5 Reasons to Visit Shimla

Elvin Siew Chun Wai will tell you top 5 reasons to explore Shimla.

Here they are:

No Tension of Traffic

When you are in Shimla, you don’t need to think about traffic at all. You never experience traffic anywhere. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with incessant horns of vehicles. So, life seems quite comfortable and peaceful on the roads of Shimla. In this age of advanced means of transports, the city relies on the old-fashioned means of transportation that is horse.

Breath-taking Mountain Views

Shimla is known for its incredible mountain views. Exploring the city offers you mesmerizing views of mountain. If you love hiking then viewing the city from the mountain steal your heart.

A Great Experience of Wildlife

In Shimla, you see monkeys, horses, and Himalayan Yak. You need to be careful of monkeys as they may snatch food items from your hands as they get an opportunity for it. Horses help you discover the city on their backs.

Wonderful Architecture

In Shimla, you will see many ramshackle wooden structures as well as incredible colonial buildings. You will get a great mixture of Himalayan rustic and colonial Europe.

Local Handicrafts

Once you explore the local handicrafts in Shimla, you will find so many beautiful things that you will want to carry with you as souvenirs of your Shimla tour.

Besides the city of Shimla has so many great attractions to steal your heart and mesmerize your senses. I, Elvin Siew Chun Wai, can assure you that it will not be easy to forget the town after your Shimla tour and you will want to explore it once more.

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